MedScript LTC Pharmacy delivers the prescriptions residents need at the prices facility administrators want.

It's time to save 15%-23% on medications for long-term care and skilled nursing facility residents.

Pharmacy Services

Assisted living and long-term care facilities save 15%-23% on prescription medications with MedScript.

Pharmacy Consulting

Enhance care with medication management reviews, recommendations, and reporting from MedScript LTC Pharmacy consulting staff.

Nursing Services

Support your facility nursing staff with on-site visits, mock surveys, and in-services from MedScript’s nursing professionals.

Ready for a free, no-obligation savings calculation?

At MedScript LTC Pharmacy we believe there is no reason for your long-term care or assisted living facility to pay higher prices for prescription medications. We are so confident in our prices that we are ready to provide your facility with a free, no-obligation cost comparison.

Why choose MedScript Long-Term Care Pharmacy?

Your time is valuable. So are your residents. That’s why MedScript is more than a pharmacy partner. Our people are here to support your staff and residents, through medication compliance, nursing support, pharmacy consulting, or whatever you need. Every customer has a dedicated account manager who manages their facility’s needs to ensure services flow seamlessly. That’s why we call it a “personalized” service, because services are customized based on what your facility needs. In fact, your account manager visits your facility every 10 days. MedScript is independently owned and offers the most personalized service with the lowest medication costs to healthcare facilities in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan.

Say hello to MedScript LTC Pharmacy, the best choice for your facility’s prescription medications.

As a 30-year health facility administrator, I have worked at several nursing facilities with various pharmacy providers servicing those facilities. My current CCRC campus made the decision to change our pharmacy provider, and MedScript was selected as the provider we felt was the best fit for our campus. MedScript worked with my team in advance of the pharmacy change to prepare for a smooth transition. On the date the changeover to MedScript was completed, my team and I were impressed with the ease at which the change was made. Since the changeover to date, I have found MedScript to be engaged and responsive. For our campus needs, I believe we made the right choice in selecting MedScript as our pharmacy service provider.

– Bill Pierce, HFA

Compass Park

MedScript fills prescriptions and so much more

Skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and memory care centers have different needs, from staffing challenges to resident care. Customers need flexible options that best fit their facility’s challenges. From medication fulfillment and nurse training to pharmacy consulting, MedScript fills many roles within a healthcare organization.

MedScript is an independently owned, locally operated long-term care pharmacy located in Noblesville, Indiana, run by people just like you. We strive to build authentic and meaningful connections with our customers and offer the most personalized service with the lowest costs in the industry. Our team supports nursing and assisted living facilities in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. Our central location allows account representatives and nursing specialists to quickly and easily access all of our customers.

It's time you saved money and got more value from your long-term care pharmacy partner. Contact MedScript to get started.