It's time to pay less for prescriptions and receive more services from your long-term care pharmacy partner

More skilled nursing, long-term care facilities, and assisted living centers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio are turning to MedScript LTC Pharmacy as their preferred pharmacy provider. In addition to the significant cost savings, MedScript provides user-friendly medication dispensing solutions.

Dedicated account representatives and billing specialists ensure continuity of service

When you choose to partner with MedScript for pharmacy services, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account representative who will visit your facility every 10 days. Account representatives are registered pharmacy technicians with strong customer service backgrounds who truly understand the needs your team faces daily. When you need to speak with your representative, you’ll have direct access. You’ll never be transferred into an endless voicemail loop. Each account also has a dedicated billing specialist who will quickly resolve any billing issues that may arise.

MedScript technology interfaces with many EHR/eMAR health systems

Seamless technology integration makes it easy for customers to electronically submit medication or refill requests, capture medication changes, and track orders.

Multi-dose or blister card packaging options are available

Flexible packaging options are important to our customers. That’s why MedScript offers a choice of multi-dose compliance packaging and unit-dose punch cards. Whether your nursing staff prefers the traditional blister card or your assisted living facility wants multi-dose options, we can meet your needs.

Medication dispensing carts streamline delivery and reduce the chance for error

MedScript customers receive medication management carts to safely administer all drugs to facility residents. The carts help to ensure a timely first dose of medications, which are critically important for new admissions, and streamlines medication management for all residents.

MedScript utilizes NexsysADC™ automated dispensing cabinets to ensure medication compliance, track inventory, and monitor patient safety for electronic first doses. This is integrated with the pharmacy for real-time access and real-time removal documentation. This biometric, live interface, trackable, real-time reporting increases compliance around the utilization of medications for residents. It also improves medication administration times for new admissions and contains 24 customizable medications as well as controlled medications. These customizable contents allow for maximization of benefits to the facility, especially related to new admissions and emergent situations. Gone are the days of using a tackle box with zip ties and a lock, which created more accountability and processing headaches for already over-worked staff.

Long-term care and skilled nursing facilities save 15%-23% on medications with MedScript

Your time is valuable. So are your residents. That’s why MedScript LTC Pharmacy is more than a pharmacy partner. Our team is here to support your staff and residents.

MedScript has been our trusted pharmacy provider for many years at Englewood. We have developed a great partnership, and their dedication to our team is evident. They have timely delivery, and their customer service team is top-notch. We appreciate their attention to detail and willingness to serve our staff and residents to their highest capability.

– Christian Livingston, HFA


It's time to get more value from your long-term care pharmacy. Let's talk about how MedScript can work for you.

Pharmacy Consulting

Enhance care with medication management reviews, recommendations, and reporting from MedScript’s pharmacy consulting staff.

Nursing Services

Support your facility nursing staff with on-site visits, mock surveys, and in-services from MedScript’s nursing professionals.

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Pharmacy services customized to what your facility needs.

  • Seamless pharmacy transitions (COVID compliant)
  • Most personalized service in the industry
  • Accurate billing based on consumption and part A days to help manage cost
  • Local billing, data entry, and leadership team all available for support at your discretion
  • Expert pharmacy consulting services
  • Most accurate and timely medication delivery in the industry
  • Multiple packaging options available
  • Savings of 15% to 23% on your pharmacy spend

Long-term care pharmacy packaging options include:

  • Blister card packaging
  • Multidose packaging
  • Most accurate and timely fulfillment in the industry

Billing services include:

  • Accurate billing based on consumption and part A days to help manage cost
  • Local billing and data entry support as needed